The 12 Myths and Facts of the Reverse Mortgage


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Debunking the Myths: Understanding the Benefits of
Reverse Mortgages

In our booklet, “The 12 Myths and Facts. of a Reverse Mortgage”, you will find all the information you need for this unique financial product designed for homeowners aged 62 and older.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, where you make monthly payments to a lender, a reverse mortgage allows you to convert a portion of your home equity into tax-free cash without the obligation of monthly mortgage payments.

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Common Myths

The government can take my home when I die

Once I do the reverse mortgage, I am locked in and I cannot sell my house
Closing costs are high. Why FHA insurances?
Both borrowers have to be 62 years or older to qualify
I can’t use a reverse mortgage to buy a home
All single family dwellings are eligible for the reverse mortgage

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A reverse mortgage is a unique financial product designed for homeowners aged 62 and older. Unlike traditional mortgages, where you make monthly payments, a reverse mortgage allows you to convert part of your home equity into tax-free cash without monthly repayments. But how does it work?

Reverse mortgages work by converting your home equity into cash while you still own your home. The loan is repaid when you sell the home, move out, or pass away. Although, how a reverse mortgage works sounds like something sketchy, the process was passed into law to help our seniors and it’s highly regulated, in order to avoid scams or any type of fraud (all of which you can read in the booklet).


Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages  

Reverse mortgages offer numerous advantages, such as no monthly mortgage payments and tax-free income. However, they also come with considerations, like accruing interest over time and possibly having to let your heirs sell your home when you die.

Reverse Mortgage Requirements

To qualify for a reverse mortgage, you must be at least 62 years old, own your home outright or have significant equity, and live in the home as your primary residence. For a detailed look at all the reverse mortgage requirements, download our booklet.

Understanding the full picture of a reverse mortgage is key in exploring this option. That’s why, in our free booklet or our Reverse blog, you can educate yourself of all the pros and cons.


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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

This reverse mortgage calculator is for illustrative purposes, providing a general idea of costs, fees, and available loan proceeds under the FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program. The rates and fees shown may not reflect actual offers from lenders but represent typical market rates, including maximum allowable origination fees, estimated FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums, and common closing costs based on your home’s value.

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